club nevada in pattaya has closed/

I have learned that the Club Nevada go go bar on Soi Post Office in Pattaya closed on February 29, 2020. While this could easily be written off as just another bar failure in Thailand I believe it has more significance. Club Nevada hasn’t been a very popular bar for quite a while. But the club has been around for many years. So it’s closure it quite notable even in an overall downward economy.

I have reported on the sex industry in Thailand and around the world for close to a decade. I am not a historian. And I cannot tell you exactly when Club Nevada opened. But I am quite sure that Club Nevada was one of the longest running go go bars in Pattaya. It was probably even one of the longest running in the country. Now it is gone.

Agogos in Pattaya

No matter what anyone says Pattaya’s existence is based around its go go bars. Even as some have tried to transform the town into a family holiday destination Walking Street is still the main attraction. The reason people go to Walking Street is to see the go go bars and all the related spectacle. Without that the city would surely draw in fewer people.


nevada go go pattaya signnevada go go pattaya sign

The entire history of Pattaya is bound up with go go bars. The city transformed from a sleepy fishing town into a renown tourist destination over a period of years. That all started when soldiers from the war in nearby Vietnam started taking their allotted rest and relaxation in Pattaya’s beaches. The town started to form into an international destination as word of mouth spread from veterans returning to their home countries.

Club Nevada go go bar

As stated above Club Nevada was definitely not the most popular go go bar in Pattaya. It was located on Soi 13/2 which is commonly referred to as Soi Post Office. Walking Street and to a lesser extent LK Metro are the hot spots for agogo bars these days. But there are go go bars all around town. It does seem that bars away from the main areas draw in less customers.

Club Nevada was a rock and roll bar. It even said so on the sign. Someone once even said Nevada reminded them of a biker bar. I can see where they were coming from. Everything from the interior to the vibe and the music had that sort of feel. But in fact it was just an old school go go bar. In some ways it almost seemed to be frozen in time. For years a draft beer was 55 Baht ($1.70 USD). Lady drinks were 100 ($3.30 USD). The barfine was 700 Baht ($22 USD) and the gals usually wanted 1300 Baht ($41 USD) more for themselves.

There were a handful of dancers who worked Club Nevada. Sometimes they did double duty and did things like fetch drinks for customers. They would also often strip down into their birthday suits and dance when customers came in. Nevada was never known for employing stunners. But I distinctly remember spending time with a dancer with a rock hard stomach and nipples like pencil erasers the last time I visited. She also invited me upstairs for a session. The rooms up there were another feature that stuck out just like the aforementioned ladies boobnobs.

Club Nevada opened early in the afternoon. One gal would usually work the stage while others tried to work the customers. The place had a laid back and friendly feeling. That kind of intimacy was made easier by the small staff and lack of crowds. The music was never so loud that you couldn’t hold a conversation either.


I am not sure what finally drove Club Nevada out of business. But the news did take me aback. Did the downturn in the world economy have an impact? It is quite possible. People in Pattaya were already complaining of lower tourist numbers before the Novel Coronavirus was labeled a global pandemic. The impact of Covid-19 has now brought much of the world economy to a halt. But I don’t have any special knowledge or insight into the closure of Club Nevada. I can only tell you one thing. While all the bars of Pattaya have closed down temporarily Club Nevada has already closed its doors for good.