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The Pub is a popular hostess bar in Ho Chi Minh City. The place is a good example of what modern hostess bars in Saigon are really like. There are still some bars around with women waiting for guys to pay off the record barfines. Those may even be of more interest to many readers. But most of the bars these days are staffed by ladies who just drink and spend time with guys inside. That be surprising to those who have a scandalized view of things or perhaps practice wishful thinking. Yet it is the reality.

In some ways The Pub reminds me of Mao’s Club in Phnom Penh. Though there are actually barfines at that place. At The Pub the fun is limited to the bar itself. There is plenty to do there and the gals can be entertaining. That explains why the bar is so popular.

The Pub on Pasteur


The Pub is located on Pasteur near the intersection with the big boulevard named for Ham Nghi. There are several hostess bars in the area. Most are right next to one another. Occasionally gals can be found sitting outside. But usually they’re in the bar. Still the place is easy to find with a large illuminated sign over frosted glass frontage.

The Pub HCMC ladiesThe Pub HCMC ladies

Inside the place is fairly large. There is a standard bar on the left side. Then there are seats scattered around. Like the aforementioned Mao’s over in Cambodia, The Pub also has billiard tables and dart boards. Although the play areas can be a little cramped they get plenty of use and some of the ladies on staff are quite skilled at the games. One could go broke promising lady drinks to the winners.

Staff, prices and summary

There are probably two dozen ladies on staff most nights. The gals range in age and looks but most are in their twenties and attractive with fit bodies. I don’t think there are any old or large ladies working the bar at any time. Everyone on staff is always well dressed with tight cocktail dresses that can reveal quite a bit. On special occasions some of the gals even wear bikinis that can look more like undergarments. That is something to see.

English is not widespread in Vietnam. Yet more people are picking up the language as time goes on. It is now much easier to find English speakers in Saigon than it was even a few years ago. The ladies at The Pub have varying grasps on the language. A few barely speak English. Most are conversational to some degree. And a couple of the gals are basically fluent.

Drinks are reasonably priced. Most of the ladies don’t ask for lady drinks but it is their main source of income. Customers typically offer them and the offer isn’t rejected. One or two of the ladies have a sort of mercenary streak about them. But most of the gals are surprisingly laid back and friendly.

There is no barfine at The Pub. In other words, the gals aren’t willing or able to leave the bar with guys for money during their shifts. I am sure some of the ladies have met customers outside of working hours. But that is their decision as adults. It has nothing to do with their work and the rules there. Apparently some serious relationships have even started inside though I can comment on how that turned out. Some old hands may have an idea without even knowing the lucky people involved.

The Pub is basically what is sounds like. It’s more or less a regular bar that has some women inside to entertain customers. There really isn’t any more to it. It’s a place for guys to drink and have a good time with some pretty ladies. I think there is room for this kind of place. The market seems to agree and there are always customers inside. Two-and-a-half stars.